Sign up for the "Monetizing Your Blog" Series!

I'm still working out all the details, but here's how I'm picturing it so far: 

There will be three components to the series
  • Information--how-tos, etc
  • Tasks--each week, you will have a specific task that you can complete (if you want to) towards monetizing your blog
  • Support--as a group, we will support each other, build a community, and help each other towards our goals 
I'm organizing this series for free, because I want to push myself to get more serious about monetizing my blog, and I thought... as long as I'm doing it, I might as well bring some friends along for the ride, right?? 

I'm going to focus on doing lots of interviews with people in the industry who are making a living, or at least a partial living, from their blog, and how they are doing it. 

I'd love to have you along!! 

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